R.I.P Burt Bacharach

The celebrated composer and bandleader whose elegant melodies dominated pop radio for several decades, has died at the age of 94.

Bacharach gave Bobbie one of her biggest hits when she topped the UK singles chart in August 1969 with her recording of ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’. Bobbie’s recording was the most popular release of the song outside America, and also hit the top spot in Australia, and Ireland, reaching number 3 in South Africa and number 5 in Norway. In the U.S. her version was eclipsed by Dionne Warwick’s recording which came out 5 months later. The track appeared on two of Bobbie’s albums – Touch ’em With Love in 1969 and Fancy in 1970. Infact the Fancy album was renamed in Europe to tie in with the hit single, and also contained her version of ‘Raindrop’s Keep Fallin’ On My Head’.

Bobbie recorded two further songs by Bacharach which weren’t released until after her retirement, these appear on her previously unreleased easy listening jazz album The Windows Of The World which contains the title track and ‘This Girl’s In Love With You’ – many fans feel these unreleased acoustic recordings eclipsed her released versions of Bacharach’s songs.