The Delta Sweete is number 1 re-issue in Shindig!

The deluxe edition of The Delta Sweete is number 1 in Shindig! magazines re-issue of the year. We also ranked number 12 in Record Collector and Uncut. 

***** Shindig! : A sympathetic redux… this set represents Bobbie Gentry at her mysterious beguiling best
***** The Times : This beautifully presented re-issue revives one of the great lost treasures of the 60’s
***** RnR : If you need only one Bobbie Gentry album, here it is.
***** Daily Mail: The best testimony to her talent
9/10 Uncut : This remastered version swings and shimmers in all the right places
9/10 Popmatters : More than lives up to its billing as a lost classic.
**** MOJO : A beautiful album. Every bit as engrossing as her breakthrough
**** Record Collector : Peculiar and ambitious…Don’t overlook it this time around
**** Daily Express Scotland : There are moments of pure genius; there’s nothing quite like Gentry
ForFolksSake : Bobbie Gentry is proved to be something of a musical visionary.
GiIGsoup : This reissue offers the definitive vision of perhaps Gentry’s most revered recording.
Penny Black Music : A thoughtful repackaging of Gentry’s ambitious second album.

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